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Whole Foods Market co-CEO John Mackey Joins Motley Fool Board of Directors


The Motley Fool announced last week that Whole Foods Market co-founder and co-CEO John Mackey has joined the Company’s Board of Directors. Since co-founding Whole Foods Market in 1978, Mr. Mackey has led a revolution in how Americans shop for their food. He has shown a world-class ability to scale brands and businesses, growing Whole Foods Continue Reading

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Registration of Benefit Corporations Sets First Day Record in Oregon


Oregon Secretary of State — A record number of Oregon businesses registered as Benefit Companies on the first effective day of a new state law that allows businesses build social responsibility into their bylaws. With 24 businesses signing up as state Benefit Companies today, Oregon eclipsed the Day 1 registrations of 20 states and the District Continue Reading

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Patagonia: The Parable of the Iron Pan


The goal of the emergent “New Economy” is to redirect the vast power of our forward looking imaginations to redefine a future that is simultaneously prosperous, just and sustainable. To succeed we will need the wisdom of both invention and conservation. The New Economy offers enormous hope because it is a blend of the best Continue Reading

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Forbes: Only Conscious Capitalists Will Survive


Is Conscious Capitalism profitable? In a simple answer, yes. We have seen it happen more often over the past several decades—the success of companies that truly commit to the greater good. Yet, we would say that not only can Conscious Capitalism be profitable, it will be one of the defining mechanisms of profit in the Continue Reading

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Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know About B Corporation Certification


When Rubicon Bakery was put on the market, the seller had one condition: Whoever purchased the company would have to uphold its mission of hiring the homeless, people with criminal records and recovering drug addicts. Rubicon Programs, the social service agency that had owned and operated the Richmond, Calif., wholesale bakery for 17 years, brought Continue Reading

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Conscious Capitalism President’s Innovative Solution to Provide Low Cost Nutrition


Former Trader Joe’s president Doug Rauch who currently serves as President and CEO of Conscious Capitalism’s national organization has been exploring ways to turn wasted grocery store produce into nutritional meals. Meals that would be affordable to lower income individuals and families currently stuck buying empty fast food calories for much of their regular diet. Continue Reading

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Whole Foods CEO on mission to improve capitalism’s reputation


Capitalism: a network of selfish corporations run by greedy, heartless tycoons — that was John P. Mackey’s view of America’s business community when he was a college student in the 1970s. But a healthy dose of Adam Smith, Milton Freidman and other free-market economists — and a pivotal moment in which employees and customers helped Continue Reading

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Conscious Culture at Publix Creates the Wal-Mart Slayer


Forbes Magazine in August covered Publix and how their Conscious Culture and employee ownership is helping them win the grocer war in Florida. Publix’s president, Todd Jones, who started out as a bagger 33 years ago stated, “We believe that there are three ways to differentiate: service, quality and price… You’ve got to be good at two Continue Reading

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Employee ownership for a Conscious business?


In our summer update we highlighted an August Forbes magazine article featuring Publix as the Wal-Mart Slayer which highlighted the fact that Publix is an employee owned business with a Conscious Culture. The Guardian recently published an article on How to implement employee ownership that we thought would be worth a share. From The Guardian: Economic Continue Reading


Summer Update 2013 for Conscious Capitalism Florida


Chapter News Outreach It’s been an exciting few months since our announced launch by the Tampa Bay Business Journal and we have had a great reception from Florida’s various stakeholders. Our state’s business and nonprofit communities keep providing examples that illustrate Florida is already embracing the idea of Conscious Capitalism. Additionally chapter President & CEO Continue Reading