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February Webcast: We discuss affordable housing, Raymond James Financial, Orlando and more


Nola, Paul, Alison and Vinny discuss for-profit affordable housing development without government subsidies, conscious leadership at Raymond James Financial, and Orlando as a hotbed for social enterprise. Rollins College opens a Department of Responsible Business Management and Social Entrepreneurship with about 400 students already involved.


January Webcast: We discuss College Hunks, Lucky’s Market, Worksquare and more


Vinny Tafuro attended the Hillsborough County Economic Development, “Access to Capital Summit” where Omar Soliman, CEO of College Hunks Hauling Junk provided an inspiring story about founding a now Tampa based company that recognizes the value of all stakeholders. Alison Foxall talks about a new grocer in Gainesville Florida. Lucky’s Market a Colorado based company believes that food is Continue Reading