Our Local Chapter

Conscious Capitalism Florida’s purpose is to seek out and connect the role models of Florida’s conscious business community.

We accomplish this by identifying businesses and leaders that operate with a higher purpose making wise business decisions that take into account the needs of all stakeholders.

When companies operate in this manner, their employees become team members, their vendors become partners, their customers become advocates, and they operate sustainability within the environment and community – simultaneously providing healthy long-term returns their shareholders.

We believe that capitalism is the most powerful force for human cooperation, value creation and social good the world has ever seen.

Conscious Capitalism Florida is a chapter of the global Conscious Capitalism Community.

We invite you to celebrate with us!

Our Leadership

Chapter Founder & President
I see distant horizons clearly and work meticulously towards them.

Vinny Tafuro is a visionary thinker, writer, entrepreneur, communications theorist, and economist. Author of two books, Corporate Empathy and Unlocking the Labor Cage, he is a pioneering advocate for the twenty-first century economy that is disrupting society’s most rigid institutions and beliefs.

His economic theories explore the societal and economic shifts being catalyzed by corporations as a result of technology, corporate personhood, and evolving human cognition.

He is a founder and chair of Conscious Capitalism Florida, whose purpose is elevate humanity through business.

He presents to organizations, corporations, and colleges on a variety of engaging topics both professionally and through community organizations. He enjoys an active and blended professional, academic, and personal life, selecting challenging projects that offer opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Chapter Coordinator

Having grown up in family-owned businesses, Amanda Patanow recognizes the intrinsic value that business can bring to communities. Rather than disavowing profit as evil, she is passionate about helping businesses align profit with purpose so that they can do well while doing good. Amanda joined Conscious Capitalism as the Florida Chapter Coordinator to combine her community service passion with her business strategy work to advance the mission of guiding businesses to be a force for good in the world.

Amanda has spent the last 20+ years fearlessly accomplishing the impossible with her combination of creative energy, strategic thinking, and passion for growth. Driven by the belief that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to, she has built startups, turned around failing businesses, and guided organizations through innovative approaches to growth and profitability. Put simply, Amanda specializes in creating value in new and unexpected ways.

A 13th generation Floridian, Amanda is dedicated to serving the Tampa Bay community in which she lives through voter education outreach, pro bono non-profit training, and teaching donation-based yoga classes.

Board Member

Jared Meyers is the Owner and/or Chairman for several companies headquartered in Florida. The most notable are those that operate under the Legacy Vacation Club and Salt Palm brands. For the past 20 years, he has worked and owned companies in the hospitality industry. These operations spanned most of the United States and have involved a variety of disciplines including development, management, hospitality, and financial services. Jared was born in Miami, Florida and graduated from the University of Florida with a double major in finance and

Jared believes that resources and capabilities exist to solve most of humanity’s problems and to achieve a prosperous future for all. To accomplish this, businesses must measure their impact, be transparent, and drive the responsibility revolution; and consumers must prioritize their spending and habits in alignment with these businesses. Profit is good when a business does good. The goal of the ‘For Good’ movement is to utilize business as a positive force and to foster collaboration between Conscious Capitalism, the B Corp Movement, and other responsible organizations.

Jared has previously served as a board member and trustee of the American Resort Development Association and the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management and now serves as Co-Chair of B Local Florida and a board member of Conscious Capitalism Florida. He enjoys sports, being an involved dad, and active travelling with his wife of 16 years, Kristi, and their two children. They live in Orlando, Florida.

Board Member

At his core, Doug Whittington is engaged by the fascinating possibilities that are accessible when you connect relationships and creativity in the pursuit of a meaningful goal. His current professional passion is his Ethos RX consultancy which exists to reduce the unnecessary suffering inside organizations, and in doing so, help people work with people. It’s this work that led him to discover the Conscious Capitalism International movement, and earned him his place on the leadership board of the Florida chapter.

Over his 20 year professional journey, Doug has served people through sales practice and business relationship leadership within a variety of professionally licensed industries including finance and real estate.

Doug is a Florida-born Largo resident, husband, dad, friend, volunteer, salesman, artist, teacher, student, writer, counselor, storyteller, and business owner. Which role he is fulling depends on to whom he is in service at the moment you meet him.

Board Member

Dr. Sheila Rochefort-Hoehn brings to Conscious Capitalism her deep passion for, and experience in, corporate social and environmental responsibility. Sheila has lead her company, The Zen Life Center, to become B Corp certified and continues to be a champion of the greater B Corp movement.

Professionally, Sheila works as an entrepreneur, business owner, writer, and producer. She specializes in creative storytelling, business sustainability coaching and consulting, life coaching, and wellness programs with an emphasis on neurobiology and psychology.

Sheila serves as the President and Co-founder of The Zen Life Center, a certified B Corp, and as Founder and Producer at Blue Earth Media Productions, a Benefit Corporation. She holds a PhD in Counseling; Dual Master’s Degree in Mental Health & Marriage/Family Counseling; PMC in Writing & Publication; Post-grad work & study at Harvard and Hebrew U in Israel.

Board Member

Barry is a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur who turned conscious capitalist.

Like Dr. Seuss THE LORAX, “Barry speaks for Founders” and using business as a force of good. He walks the talk as an angel investor, advisor and serial entrepreneur.

Barry is the Co-Founder of 1heart Collective (www.1heart.com), birthing companies that back heart-led leaders like 1heart Journeys (1heartjourneys.com), Guided (getguided.co), and Superwell (besuperwell.com).

He thinks globally and acts locally as the Co-Founder of Miami made (miamimade.org), a tribe of 150+ Founders and Board Member of Conscious Capitalism Florida.

Barry’s the Founding Advisor to Tuft & Needle (TN.com); exit to Serta Simmons for hundreds of millions in 2018.

Barry’s an Angel investor in social enterprises like Thrive Market (thrivemarket.com) who raised $161M and profits through their purpose of making healthy food affordable.

Barry’s been an intrapreneur, as Global Practice Leader of Strategy & Innovation at Acxiom (NASDAQ: ACXM). Barry helped build a business unit that grew to $315MM annual revenues and sold to IPG for $2.3 Billion in 2018.

Barry built and sold his first startup INBOX Marketing in San Francisco to Responsys pre-IPO and exited to Oracle for $1.6 Billion in 2006. Having accelerated mass communication and connectivity, Barry believes mass collaboration is now the key to unlock humanity’s highest potential and solve 21st century problems.

Barry has been a paid consultant and coach to 100+ CMO’s at Fortune 500 companies with 50+ written references on Linkedin. He is recognized by Techweek as one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders in Technology.

Barry has been a keynote speaker and panelist at 60+ events worldwide. When not traveling, he enjoys playing with his two sons (Beau & Nico) and being at one with Mother nature as a global citizen of planet earth.

Board Member

Spencer Jacobson is co-founder and CEO of Guided – a company with the mission of making coaching an employee benefit and helping people and organizations to unleash their talent. He is a speaker, coach, facilitator and thought leader in the field of human potential and conscious masculinity. Spencer believes “work” can and should be a source of personal growth, joy and meaning for all people and business can be a catalyst for social change.

Spencer has coached and consulted for the Fortune 500, venture-backed startups, and everything in between. Prior to founding Guided, Spencer was one of the first sales hires at BetterWorks, a Silicon Valley-based enterprise SaaS performance management startup. He is a Professional Certified Coach through the ICF and is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and Accomplishment Coaching Coach Training.

Board Member

Cheryl Taylor thrives on idea generation and the realization of entrepreneurial visions.  Through her life experiences as a serial entrepreneur, business owner, business instructor, change agent, and consultant, Cheryl assists entrepreneurs, startups, and existing businesses in developing processes and methods.  An inherent ability enables Cheryl to identify available resources and match them with the needs of the organization to achieve objectives. Her strategy is centered in the optimization of resources as a green-field opportunity.  This approach liberates the business from the rigidity and fragility of their existing applications and industry standards using a holistic approach of the business within its community in leveraging and use of business resources.   

Cheryl has joined Conscious Capitalism to channel her skills in aiding businesses to enhance positive social impact through the utilization of corporate resources.  Cheryl’s passion for people and enhancement of relationships within the community has developed into a dedication to educate and empower businesses through cause-based marketing practices which allow brands to thrive through actively benefiting the community.

Cheryl is an active volunteer with local non-profits and serves as a member of several boards and committees, including the Pasco County Leadership Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Empty Bowls Committee for SvDP Cares, and Palm Harbor Historical Society.  She is the proud mother of four children, as well as a grandmother of six.